Our house, the day after we closed.

New Home – Stripping Wallpaper

At the end of February we purchased a new home.

Our house, the day after we closed.
Our new house, the day after closing! (This is a Panorama made from 3 shots – the porch doesn’t really sag, that’s from the handheld shots!) There’s Michael, proud new homeowner!

Like about half the home sales in Michigan, our home was on the market because the last owners defaulted on the mortgage, and the house was repossessed.

So, when we got the home, it had no wall cabinets, most of the light fixtures were gone, the carpet was in such bad shape that it simply had to be removed, and lots of other repairs were necessary.

We’re working on it. 😀

The carpet has all been ripped up, and the lights have all been purchased or ordered, although none have been installed yet.

Right now, I’m steaming off the wallpaper border that’s around the kitchen ceiling. I can’t reach the stuff over the counters; but I’m inclined to just leave it, since that part will be covered by the new wall cabinets we’ve ordered.

It’s “interesting” to take off, because the printed portion is vinyl (or some kind of plastic, anyway.) So I have to warm that enough to loosen it, then peel it away from the paper backing by hand. Then I can steam off the paper backing, and use the putty knife to get it off the wall.

I was hoping to finish the job today, but since I have to teach a class in Second Life this evening, and I’m very, very tired, we have decided to let it go until Friday.

Can’t say I’m unhappy with the decision.


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