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The Anatomy of a Hero

The other day, I read a post at Waking of the Bear that spoke of Heroes, Gurus, and Friends. He mentions that he’s not a hero, because he hates conflict, and he says that Heroes seem to love conflict.

I disagree.  Continue reading The Anatomy of a Hero


Taking the Long View – Why Blogging?

For most of my life, I’ve  learned in isolation. For many years, it was just me and my books, and then just me and my computer. This doesn’t really make me self-taught; the books (and computer, and videos) help a lot. I’m learning from others, even if they have no idea that I am.

But every now and then I have a chance to learn with others, as part of a group, with feedback and a teacher who is actually there.

Right now, I’m taking advantage of that. I signed up for Blogging 101.   Continue reading Taking the Long View – Why Blogging?